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Zenbu is edited collaboratively by volunteers from all around New Zealand. Anyone is welcome to add information and you do not need specialised qualifications to contribute. The aim is to capture basic factual information that would be available to anyone walking down the street in the real world. You can add new listings or edit existing ones in a simple online form without any technical skills.

Registration Required

To get started you need a free Zenbu account. You can login or register here. No details are required except a valid email.

Add an Entry

Click here to add a new entry now. Have you searched to make sure it's not already in Zenbu?

Edit an Entry

After searching for an entry just click the Edit link on any entry page to start. You can edit any entry at all, as long as your edit is factual.

Is it difficult?

No! Zenbu has a very intuitive editing system and every change is recorded so you can't destroy anything.

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